Women’s History Month: Margaret Sanger

Since South Dakota has officially sent us back a century with their signing of complete anti-abortion law today, I thought I’d focus on Margaret Sanger, founder of what would become Planned Parenthood. Born into a Roman Catholic household, Sanger would go on to open the first family planning/birth control clinic in the US in 1916. Throughout her life she was a stong crusader for birth control and wrote many pamphlets for women on how their bodies worked. While I may not agree with all of her politics (The wiki article says she believed in eugenics), I think she made a very significant (and overall positive) impact on the history and culture of our nation.

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  1. Kathy

    Have you noticed that we no longer live in a democracy? Our president has changed the face of his office but over time women have stood up for the rights of humanity. I think as we get closer to the presidential election liberals all over America will begin to stand up & be heard. I am certain that the voices we hear now – the conservative right are indeed a minority. The anti-war movement, the fight to help illegal aliens movement & others are gaining momentum. This country is founded on activism & free speech lets enlist liberals to speak out & be heard.