things developing

I picked up my pictures from Wolf Camera on Friday (I hate that Central Market parking lot!!). The black and white roll I took on my new SLR camera came out half-and-half. The half of the roll I took during the freeze came out really well, and the other half I took when I was getting used to the camera came out crappy. So I guess I have the camera figured out for exterior pictures, but interior pictures are another story.

The pictures I took at MoRanch with my basic camera came out well, except the date is wrong on the whole roll. I don’t know how that happened, but I’ll definitely need to fix that before I go to New Mexico in March.

And this time when I go to New Mexico, I’ll have an SLR camera that works! One time I went, I discovered that although I had had my camera fixed twice, it would not advance the film. I realized this after I had taken some great shots of kivas in a state park. The last time I went, I didn’t bother taking the SLR camera at all. I got some great pictures with my basic point and shoot.

I’m so excited. March cannot come fast enough for me. April, however, may take its time.


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