No day but today

Yesterday afternoon I saw Rent. That is one emotionally draining film. There is some wonderful singing, although “La Vie Boheme” got to be excessive and over the top. There were other songs that made up for that one. The part that got me the most was the first time the Life Support Group broke into song. It was so simple and moving, I got choked up. It was very short, though.

Two things bothered me:

1) One of the Life Support guys looked so familiar and it irked me throughout the film that I couldn’t place who he was. But last night it came to me (and I checked on IMDB today) – he was naked boy Marty on “Gilmore Girls”! I wondered where he had got to.

2) The actor who plays Mark Cohen (Anthony Rapp) looks and talks so much like this actor. I couldn’t believe they weren’t the same people.

Overall, I would watch it again and I have put the soundtrack on my Amazon wish list. Go see it – just look at the “La Vie Boheme” number as camp. Very annoying camp.


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  1. Francis Catolos

    La Vie Boheme Is the Best Song in the Movie.