Note to FOX: You SUCK!

Yahoo!: Networks cancel ‘7th Heaven,’ ‘Arrested’

The best comedy on TV (“Arrested Development“) – soon to be off the air.

Thanks, TVSquad.


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  1. Was there ever any doubt? This is the same network that cancelled Family Guy and Herman’s Head (we need that show back posthaste!).

    Syndication success and DVD sales will explain the error of their ways.

  2. I have commitment issues when it comes to TV shows, but I did enjoy what I saw of Arrested Development. They just did a lot of funny, racy jokes in a way that is so much smarter than what you usually see on TV. It probably got cancelled because people didn’t have the laugh track to let them know which lines were jokes. Or did it have a laugh track and I just don’t remember?

  3. E

    Matt – no laugh track. But “Scrubs” has no live audience and it’s still on the air – barely.