Guatemala was having a hard time anyway

I refuse to watch “Survivor: Guatemala”, not only for personal reasons, but for political reasons. I just can’t conceive of why bringing a bunch of privileged Americans to a Guatemalan jungle was thought of as a good idea. And now that Guatemala is suffering from horrendous mudslides (not to mention the continuous political instability of the country), CBS will continue to show “Survivor”:

Network television will devote an hour of primetime to Guatemala Thursday night. But it won’t be about the reported 652 people who died in mudslides or about the hundreds more who are missing and are presumed dead and buried in the mud. The program won’t be about the more than 107,000 people who are living in refugee shelters or about the food shortage spreading across the country, either. Network newscasts and most major newspapers in America have barely mentioned all of that.

Nope, the hour of prime-time TV will be dedicated to CBS’s “Survivor: Guatemala,” airing its fifth episode tomorrow night. Despite the state of disaster in the country in which it was filmed, the show will air as scheduled, its publicists say.

Poynter Online: “Survivor: Guatemala”


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