What the? Huh?

I’m not quite sure what BlogPulse is, but today a couple of people have been sent my way because of my “I Like Al Gore” post: “All About E is all about Al,” they say in their blog. So, curious, I use their services. It seems like a technorati sort of thing. Then I go to the neighborhood page, which supposedly lists blogs like mine.

Except note that one of them is called “Oh how I love Jesus”, which no offense to the blogger, is nothing like my blog. I actually assumed it was a facetious title until I checked out the link. Oh well, no traffic is bad traffic as far as site traffic is concerned.

I should also clarify that although I like Al Gore, I am not all about him. Just, you know, for future reference.

And, yes, it is silly to post about links to my blog on my blog.


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