Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did

Brian Wilson will give you a call if you donate $100 or more to his Hurricane relief fund. If you don’t know who Brian Wilson is, shame on you. Bonus points if you can tell me who sang the lyric that’s the title of this post. It’s pretty much a gimme.

I’m not a big Brian Wilson fan, but I am very impressed. Kristina said she called to donate during the “Shelter from the Storm” fundraiser and got to chat with Jack Nicholson. Now Jennifer Garner I would have been excited about. She said that she didn’t ask why he only plays himself in movies. Darn it.

[Boing Boing]

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  1. Leah

    Ummm, Brian Wilson was lead singer of the Beach Boys. And for the bonus round, the answer is the Barenaked Ladies.
    (Hee hee hee, I win!!!)

  2. Really, the only thing in your post I understood was Jack Nicholson. Everything else was a complete mystery to me.

  3. James Wert

    Sorry, Brian Wilson was the main songwrighter and driving creative force behind the Beach Boys, plus he played bass, keyboards/piano, and sang backup, but he was not the lead singer. Mike Love has been the lead singer of the Beach Boys from the original inception in 1961 up until the present day.

  4. Phil Parrott

    Brian Wilson was the “leader” of the Beach Boys and did sing lead parts on a number of their songs, as did Carl and Al Jardine.