In Her Shoes: See this movie

Saturday night Leah, S, Mel and I all went to a full sneak preview of In Her Shoes. As a rule, I never expect to like a movie as much as I like a book. But I loved this movie. I have no complaints about it:

1) The ending is far from cheesy. S says she thinks this is the first time she’s cried at a movie.
2) Cameron Diaz is great, and I usually can’t stand her.
3) The older actors steal the show. The scene where they watch “Sex and the City” just about killed us.
4) I. LOVE. Toni Collette.
5) Curtis Hanson doesn’t disappoint. The film is hilarious in some points and tender in others.

You don’t have to have a sister to love this movie. You don’t have to be a “chick” to watch it. There were a good number of men in the audience. Cameron Diaz does wear a lot of “hoochie” outfits in the beginning, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

So go see it already. It comes out October 7 (the same weekend as the Wallace and Gromit film).

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