more house drama

I just got a call from the realtors saying that one of the day-laborers working with the plumbers had a stroke this morning. If I understood him right, I don’t think the man survived. I was already sad about Katrina and all the news I’ve heard about the hurricane’s aftermath. Now I am very sad for this man and his family. Since he was a day-laborer, the plumbing company is unsure about how to get in touch with his family.

The realtors were mainly calling to say that the big plumbing job would be finished tomorrow, which is better than I was expecting. They had originally told Leah by today or Monday, so tomorrow is fine.

I just thought – did the fact that we don’t have a landline impede this man getting emergency services? Dear God, I hope not. I will definitely be keeping this man and his family in my thoughts.

update: He did die, in our front lawn. We are all a little wierded out by it. The body was still out on the front lawn when Leah came by the house to pick up her work stuff. She heard the crew manager saying on his cell phone that he didn’t want to ever work on this house again. But a situation like this is really no one’s fault. Unless someone on the crew was very familiar with stroke symptoms, calling 911 was really all they could do. It is disheartening to think that there just wasn’t enough time to save him.

I seriously hope and pray that they are able to get in touch with his family somehow.


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  1. Ray

    Oh, that’s awful.

    Too too much this week.

    My wife gave me a number you could call if you’re having trouble locating this guy’s family, assuming he was picked up at the city day laborer site on N I-35, you can call David Barrera at 453-3712. We called this guy when we had an issue involving somebody from there once. The laborers are all supposed to register with the center before being picked up for jobs.