Smithsonian is falling apart

There’s an article in today’s NY Times regarding the state of the buildings where the Smithsonian is housed. It sounds like they are barely just hanging on in some situations. I thought about going to their site and donating money to the museum, but I really can’t afford it right now. And when am I ever going to go to DC to check it all out (okay, that’s a selfish reason)? It is still disturbing to hear about the damage that has been done because of the old buildings and lack of funds for adequate repair.


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  1. You know what this means…?

    Pretty soon they are going to start charging admissions to pay for the repairs. How sad!

  2. E

    They do mention that option in the article. They think the government should be responsible for paying the expenses, since most of the stuff housed is “national treasure” status. I think they will have to go with admissions. If they do, they should make it VERY cheap.

  3. They should not charge admissions.
    The government should fix it.
    But don’t raise my taxes (alas I make too little to have them cut).
    Or cut everything the government is giving me now (in fact, it should give me more).
    Bush Math