Thoughts on Grandma

So Grandma is in town. This is pretty rare, because she lives in Texoma and hates to drive through Dallas traffic. I’m not that close to her. I mean, I love her because she’s my grandma, but she’s not my favorite person in the world. Mom and Dad would send us up to her house for Spring Break and we would get sooooo bored. We would end up watching too much TV and making her angry at us for some bizarre reason. I think she deals better with us now as adults, but we still don’t like to spend too much time with her. Would it be better if Grandpa were still alive? I don’t know.

One example: Since we were usually there for Spring Break, she would make us corned beef and cabbage (gross) and we had to watch The Quiet Man for St. Patrick’s Day. Even after I had explicitly told her that I didn’t eat beef anymore, she made that for us. She said I could eat the cabbage around the corned beef. I’m pretty sure I filled up on Roman Meal sliced bread that evening.

Well, I’m sure this evening will go okay. I’m lucky in that I don’t have to deal with parents or grandparents clamoring for me to get married and have babies. I’m sure it’s in the back of their minds, but I think my still being single makes them feel younger than their peers. Or something like that.

And can I add that it scares me that my dad’s father is a member of the NRA? He’s a completely different story, but I hate to say that my esteem for him diminished a little when I found that out. He also keeps a gun by the bedside. Freaky!


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  1. my paternal grandfather was (he passed away) a member of the NRA and would always give us guns for birthday presents. When I first read your article I thought you wrote IRA (which my grandfather also supported).