That’s what we used to call this guy in high school. He was huge and could even wear a skirt to school and not get beat up. He was always pleasant to me, but I wasn’t very close to him. We were just in a school play together.

I didn’t realize he was set for execution tomorrow. . . but I was aware of his arrest. It was in the newspaper over a college holiday break. It totally freaked me out. That article detailed his abusive relationship with his high school girlfriend. It was hard to believe all of that rage was underneath his surface.

Condemned killer says DA failed to investigate abuse claims: David Martinez requests new trial just days ahead of scheduled execution


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  1. That must be really jarring to find out someone you’ve known has been sentenced to execution.

  2. Ray

    Wow, freaky that you know that guy.

    It’s a very strange story. I wasn’t aware of all the twists and turns about his childhood. I remember when he killed that girl, though. She lived in a garage apartment in Clarksville a couple of blocks away from us. I didn’t know her but I remember walking past where she lived and thinking how sad it all was.

  3. David Martinez

    i am from another country. im am ten years younger than this guy was( i born in 1986) and i have also the same name. almost born in the same month. and now i realize that another persons that had such in common with me was a killer.

  4. Mateo

    Yeah, I went to school with Dallas as well. He was a large individual and hung out with some mutual friends of mine. In fact, he showed up at my mutual friends apartment the day after the killing took place. He was riding was some people suspect was the victims bicycle at the time. Very creepy, I’m just glad no one else was hurt.

  5. jas

    Hey… I was in theatre with Dallas too… just did a search for him, and I’m sad to hear what happened. He was always nice to me, and I’ll miss him.

  6. BB

    Yeah, well he was staying at my apartment with my roomate who was cool with him when he did that! SICK BASTARD!!!
    Can you believe he came to the apartment after he did that with this bike and her backpack, and we all questioned him about the bike, and he said he won it from a guy he betted on pool with!
    No different look or nothin’, like he liked what he did.
    He even slept in my sister-in-laws bed that same night.
    But the next morning we were watching t.v, and they were doing the story on Kiersa, and my friend said he just got back from taking Dallas down there to pick up a bike, so we all looked at the bike in my kitchen, and then all looked at eachother wondering who’s bike this was, then my friend said as they were down there, that when Dallas saw the coroners, he said “oh shit” under his breath, and that’s when we knew it was time to call 911.
    Sure enough, a few officers showed up within minutes, and as soon as we heard the one getting the serial number for the bike and saying “it’s a match” we all just flipped out!!!
    He didn’t show up with my roomates til 10:30 that night, and what’s fucked up is that he walks into the apartment and there are 7 officers waiting there for him, and it didn’t even phase him!!!
    What he did to her………I hope he rots in hell!!!