Books and controversy

Two interesting finds this afternoon:

1) A book titled Incendiary was scheduled to come out in Britain on the same day that the London attacks occured. The storyline is that an al Queda bomb flattens a new football (soccer) stadium, and the narrator loses her husband and son. It is written in the epistolary style (or so I read) and is addressed to Osama. The novelist has pulled all advertising and is dealing with his choice of topic and the real-life event.

2) Bookslut points me to an article about Fayetteville, Arkansas and all the books parents want to take off the shelves. On that list is Lucky, Alice Sebold’s memoir of her rape. Most of the books on their list are ridiculous choices, but the fact that this one is on it just makes me incensed. Book censorship in and of itself tends to piss me off as a rule. Lucky is a book about a college-age Sebold dealing with her rape and the following trial. I think it should be required reading for young women (and young men, for that matter). I wouldn’t take it off the shelves, I’d make them read it. But I’m just strange that way.


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