Rainy weekend

I left my umbrella at work on Friday afternoon, so of course it has rained most of the weekend.

I made a few great discoveries this weekend:

– The book March by Geraldine Brooks. I checked it out at the library, thinking it would be a mix of Cold Mountain and Little Women. It really is a unique work, though. It is written mostly from the perspective of Papa March, the year he is at war, while the story of Little Women takes place. I was totally engrossed in this story, and I typically do not like Civil War-era historical novels.

Perhaps I enjoyed it so much because Little Women was not ever a favorite of mine. I read it, of course, but I didn’t really like any of the characters. Meg was too prissy, Amy too vain, Jo too icky and well, Beth dies. Beth was my pick out of the bunch, and she dies! Everyone knows this. Now that I have finished March, though, I really would like to read LW again. Or at least see the 1990’s film version again ( I like the film better than the book). I think March made me appreciate the original Alcott story a little more.

– I bought the coolest CD from an independent CD store on North Loop – a cycle of moon songs sung by Mel Torme. Sweet!! I also bought a Death Cab for Cutie CD on the same whim. I like them both, but they are so different in style. Obviously.


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  1. Ben Combee

    I’ve had Transatlanticism for a while now — I picked it up a few months after it was released. It’s really grown on me, and it’s one of the CDs I often listen to while going to sleep. If you like this, I’d encourage also getting the Postal Service album “Get Out” which is lyrically similar, but with a more electronic sound that I really liked.