Blueberry buckle

This day is lasting forever. My morning has been pretty bad, but at least the afternoon is looking a little clearer. I thought the hurricane would solve some of my work problems, but no dice.

Tonight, since our dishwasher is broken and our kitchen’s temperature rises about 20 degrees when we use the oven, I’m going to make Kitty Crider’s Blueberry Buckle (registration req.) at my parents house. My mom bought me a whole pint of blueberries at the grocery store on Saturday and there is no way I can eat them all quickly enough before they mold. I’ve been turned on to Jake’s orange zest (with pecans) granola, and last week I was eating it with blueberries I had bought from the farmer’s market. Soooooo good!

But that’s another post. I’m making the buckle tonight and I’ll let you know how it comes out!

About the Statesman’s recipes – why do you have to register to see them? It’s ridiculous. I went with the name that I got from bugmenot and made my age 21 and said I lived downtown (and that I was a male). I’m sure I’m not the only one messing with their demographics.


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