What are your goals in life?

I was out with a couple of people on Friday night (yeah, even after I wrote that post on being exhausted and wanting to stay in) and one of the guys asked me what my goal was in life. I couldn’t think of anything. Honestly, my goals are pretty simple. I want be of benefit to others, to enjoy what I do, to love and be loved, and such. I don’t have a real tangible goal, like making a million before I’m 40 or marrying Mr. Right or becoming famous. Okay, thinking about it, my goals are way more realistic and down-to-earth than those.

And I am sort-of famous, in an anonymous sort of way. See if you can make sense of that. That’s all I’m saying about it!

Are goals more a male thing, perhaps? I did have one goal that I have til April to finish, but I am not blogging on it. Although I just did.

I just thought of a tangible goal – to finish my epic poem project. That is totally possible. I really should get on that sucker.

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  1. I do not have any goals.
    As far as I know, I am a male.
    Goals seem to suggest that once you’ve accomplished them, you’re done. That seems misguided.

  2. Anonymous ways are probably the best ways to be famous, if you have to be so at all.