my boycott list

Because I can’t think of anything worthwile to post today, I’ll list here all the stores/companies I’m currently boycotting (and my rationale for doing so):

  • Wal-Mart – They don’t play fair. Workers are not allowed to unionize and are not paid a living wage. Women cannot move into management positions. I think Sam Walton (a good Presbyterian) would not be happy with what his company has become.
  • Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic – like I could ever afford to shop at Banana Republic anyway. I have been boycotting them because of the brouhaha over Saipan, but I see that they settled with the workers a couple years ago. Hmm. I still don’t care for the stores much. Except Banana Republic sponsors Project Runway. Love that show.
  • Taco Bell – the Presbyterian church was boycotting Taco Bell because of the unfair pay to the tomato-pickers. But they finally settled that. So if ever I want a generic bean burrito, I can have one.

That’s about it. I also try not to eat much shrimp very often because of the effect shrimp overharvesting is having on the environment. Too bad I like shrimp. I know bad stuff goes on in chicken production, but I can’t give that up.

If I think of anything else I’m boycotting, I’ll add it later.


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