How not to make friends and influence people . . .

Bookslut (whom I will have to add as a link on the side) led me to the religious pamphlet debacle occuring at an Iowa library:

Christian pamphlets with titles such as “Jesus Christ is God” were placed in about 50 library books about Judaism and Buddhism. The pamphlets were printed by the Voice of God Recordings, which is headquartered in Jeffersonville, Ind.

Other books in the library’s religion section showed a small plastic card with the wording, “You do not need a god to live a good life.” That card noted the Web site for the Iowa Secularist organization based in Iowa City.

Brian Sable, president of the organization, said there is no pamphlet war being waged between his group and religious groups in the stacks of the library.

If I was reading a book on Judaism from the library, I don’t think a card would convince me to attend a church. In fact, it would probably just piss me off.

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