another update from Melissa

She’s coming back to Texas soon:

Yes, I finally made it to Guatemala. Unfortunately, due to my extended stay in Honduras, I was unable to meet up with the coordinator for Water for People in Antigua. It’s a non-profit that does water projects in Guatemala. Oh, well. Antigua’s so beautiful. It’s your typical spanish colonial town, but with volcanoes as the backdrop. Gorgeous!!! I’m currently in a small village, San Marcos, that is on Lago Atitlan. The lake is so pristine and the town is in a serene setting. The town is known for it’s meditative vibe. It’s really nice here, and yet again the lake is surrounded by volcanoes and a few villages.

Anyone know of any non-profit/environmental job openings? She had a desk job for a couple of years and doesn’t want another job like that for a little while.


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