Professors and lecturers attacked in England?

Reading my rss feed from The Guardian, I saw this article: Students accused of assaulting academics. From the piece:

More than 1,000 cases were recorded over the past five years – but the lecturers’ union NATFHE believes this is only a small part of the problem as 37 universities do not record incidents, however minor.

Of the reported cases, some 178 were incidents of physical violence against staff, while 832 related to threatening or intimidating behaviour, including sexual harassment, stalking, and verbal and written threats, said the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Freaky. I never heard of anything like that at my school. There were rumors of sexual harassment of female students by professors, but rumors are rumors. I never witnessed any acts of violence at my school. But I went to school in North Texas, and not Britain. And my school was pretty small.


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