Last night I saw “Crash” at the Alamo Village. I want to say thanks to the Village for giving me a discount on my Chicken Pesto pizza. I have no idea why it was only $5, but I appreciate it! You worked back into my graces after the Gardenburger incident. That pesto pizza es muy delicioso. Ah, si.

I really liked Crash. It isn’t very unique in topic matter or shooting style; in fact, it really reminded me of the now-defunct NBC show “Boomtown” and Soderbergh’s film “Traffic”. But I did enjoy the story it told us. The acting makes the film and the writing isn’t bad.

My biggest shock was that Sandra Bullock can act dramatically. Very well, I might add. She was very convincing as a society-wife who strongly distrusts minorities. If she is a favorite actress of yours, you should definitely see her show some versatility. All the acting is great, but her performance really stood out for me. Probably because I suffered through “Miss Congeniality 2” for my sister and was not expecting greatness.

I loved the soundtrack. I have no idea what style of music it was based on, but there are some Eastern influences.


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  1. Maybe less in style than in subject and structure, it reminded me strongly of Grand Canyon. But crash was much better.

  2. E

    Yeah, I hated “Grand Canyon”. It wanted to be something it was not, and was ultimately a disappointing movie. And it ruined “Lawyers drugs and money” for me. I think of that film whenever I hear that song. . .

  3. E

    um, that’s “Lawyers, GUNS and Money”.