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Leah, Mom and I went to the new Half-Price Books on Saturday afternoon. While I was looking at the shelves, I found a 2-year-old postcard in among the hardback fiction (I also found a pressed brown leaf). I won’t post the recipient’s full name, but here’s what it says:


Erin – We are still looking for the illusive(sic) moose. Tomorrow we raft down the snake river – maybe then. Beautiful scenery & lots of fun. We will see you soon.

Love – Mom & Dad

It has a picture of two meese (plural of moose? =) kissing on the front and is from Grand Teton National Park, postmarked Sept. 20, 2003.

Erin, if you are reading this, let me know how I can get your card to you. Finding old postcards is so cool. It makes me feel all Griffin and Sabine-y.


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