my encounter with Brief Encounter

I watched Brief Encounter last night. It was a pretty forward film for the late 40s, I thought. Two married people meet in a train station and eventually fall in love, although fated to never be together. I thought I was a romantic, but this film was over-the-top for me. I didn’t understand why the doctor fell in love with the simple housewife. I can understand his attraction for her, but I couldn’t grasp why he loved this weepy woman. They had some laughs together and all of a sudden he’s in love with her?

I’m such a cynic.

I really liked the music, although all I could think of was Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself” since the soundtrack is Rachmaninoff’s Symphony no. 2. I expected Celine Dion to break in any moment – “Alll by mysellllf, don’t want to beeee all by myse-e-elf”.

The writing was wonderful (Noel Coward wrote it), and there are some really good lines in it.

Ultimately though, I was disappointed. I think I had built the film up in my esteem because it was from the 40s and British. Now that I’ve seen it, all I can say is, eh.


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