Male writers and their female characters

This is too freakin’ funny! Thanks to Bookslut. The official title of the post is “Reasons Why the Female Characters in Certain Male-Written Fiction Are Not Like Actual Women at All”. This is something I’ve always pondered. I’ve written something from the male POV and I felt like it couldn’t possibly be right. But people thought it was written by a guy, so it must have been believable. I’ve read some books that contained unrealistic portrayals of women. Since I left college though, I’ve been reading mainly female authors, so it hasn’t been a problem.


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  1. An ex-boyfriend of mine wrote about “Digital Divas–Videogame Chicks“. My favorite lines from his report are:

    Women can be a conundrum at times. They have a tendency to make very little sense, which goes a long way in explaining their portrayal in the world of videogames

    Of course he finishs his report with the best sentence ever:

    Women are people, too.

  2. E

    He makes some good points. . . one of the main reasons I don’t play video games are the ridiculous portrayals of females in them.