keyboard memories

When I was a kid, I really wanted piano lessons. My parents weren’t really able to figure out a way for me to take them, as they were workaholics and didn’t have time to take me anywhere. So for Christmas one year, I got a keyboard. It was white, and wasn’t a full keyboard. It was nifty because it had a spot in the upper right- hand corner where the computer chip went. You would buy a chip that had about five to six songs on it. Then you could choose to follow the lights and play it yourself, to listen to the right keys and lights and play along, or have the keyboard just play it for you. The chips would come with songbooks, but I couldn’t read music, so they weren’t much help.

I was made to reminisce on this because I just heard Benny Goodman’s “Memories of You” on my launchcast. I had that song along with “Georgia on my Mind” and “Old Folks at Home” on one of the chips I had for the keyboard. I couldn’t play it for you now. Leah and I tended to just pretend like we were playing when the chip was. It was fun! And those lights didn’t help me remember either.


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