Don’t get a Gardenburger. . .

at the Alamo Village. I got a Gardenburger tonight before the film and it was not fully cooked – it was cool in the middle. I actually had to send it back, and I never do that. In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever sent anything back. But I am not going to pay $7 for a cold gardenburger when I can make a better one at home. Anyway, they pleasantly took it back (after I’d eaten almost half of it) and gave me a new one that was warm, and tough! I ate it anyway, but I wished I’d ordered my old Alamo standby – their Chicken Pesto sandwich.

As far as the film goes, it is supposedly one of the less melodramatic Bollywood films. I swear someone was crying about every five minutes towards the end. It was good, in comparison with the other couple of Bollywood films I’ve seen. The story wasn’t bad, the acting was pretty decent, and the music was actually quite good. I was very touched by a couple of scenes, while I inwardly groaned at a couple others. I’d be willing to see it again, though – as long as I could fast-forward.

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  1. At least undercooked Gardenburger won’t give you salmonella…